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Metrix Coin
6 min readMar 25, 2022


1- First of all, please give us a brief introduction of yourself and your project? What is the main inspiration behind building METRIX COIN?

Thanks for having me on this AMA. It’s fantastic to reach out to the Purple Cube Community for the very first Shot Gun and share some information about our AMAZING PROJECT & TEAM. Metrix Coin (MRX)!

Like most of our community, I was simply a community member of the project since its near inception and I wanted to make an offer to assist the Metrix team at the time with my skill set, as a CEO of many companies over the past two and a half decades. This was accepted by the team and I started in a volunteer BDM role. I soon after stepped up to the CEO role as this is where I am the most comfortable, however I have also continued in my BDM role as well as a management role on the day-to-day basis to run the business side of the project, to ensure that the project is continually growing.

My role is to ensure that as a team, we deliver, and we make this project a huge success!

On that point — It might be a great time now to share some exciting news, prior to taking on all the questions. I would like to let everyone know that our project has secured a listing on the BitMart Exchange (CEX) that we are really excited about.

The actual listing date is tomorrow so you still have time to prepare for any listing advantages you may see!

2- What problem does METRIX COIN solve? What makes METRIX stand out from other projects?

Our mantra at Metrix Coin was formulated by our community.

It is: For Everyone. For Everything!

The idea behind this slogan is not to box our project into any defined space but to allow the project to grow organically (with a solid push from the team of course) in any direction to stay in front of all market conditions that we can foresee.

We are currently building a massive amount for the project that will soon be delivered, including our new NFT platform MetriVerse. This will have an amazing VR component to it not like any other that I have seen. We are also about to deliver our Metrix Name Service (MNS), which is our short address and Web3 development. An example of a short address rather than what most people are used to being something like: MhfjdshfouidffhH*(hh8j777, it will be as simple as Trent.MRX

Also, under development currently and not far off release is out Metrix Dollar DAO protocol. I’m personally really looking forward to this release as it will allow our Metroids to lock up their MRX and use the lending protocol to mint Metrix Dollars — pegged to a US dollar (MRXD).

We have also gone down the gaming angle with our gaming release known as Wage Street Gaming (WSG). This platform allows players to bet against each other, challenge the leaderboard and soon will allow for eSports.

As you can see, we are covering the NFT, DeFi and Gaming sectors already and we have also partnered with Coins Paid which is a payment processor, allowing any business to accept MRX as a form of payment. If you would like to know more, please find me on our socials.

3- Hardwork,team efforts, and team members are the backbone of every project. But not every audience gets to know about it. So can you provide some light over it?

This is a question that hardly ever really comes up and one that I don’t normally discuss much publicly, but more than happy to discuss. I honestly don’t think that our community has any idea how much work goes into running a project and I say this with full respect to our or any other community.

I have been a community member of Metrix since very close to the inception and I could see that the team arrived at a point where it wasn’t moving forward. I could see members of the team leaving and little if any development occurring.

It got to a point that most team members, in my opinion, simply had enough and the workload was just too much to continue, without seeing any results for their labor. I stepped up from the community to become a team member and shortly after this took over as CEO, as I have already mentioned.

I personally work on Metrix Coin EVERY SINGLE DAY. Most days I spend over 12 hours working on it, as there as so many aspects that need to be managed from CEX operations, budgeting, bill payments, team member chats, development discussions, partnership opportunities, assisting partnership already formulated, backend processing, website and social media updates, new publications, social media management, complaints from community members for whatever reason, market makers, advertising and promotion and it just never ends.

So far, I have only discussed what I do daily. I also have an entire team behind me that manage their own sections who also put in a massive effort. Jude Newcomb also works this project in a full time capacity taking care of Social Media, His own production the Week that Was (TWTW), and assists me with the daily tasks that need to be done and our devs are close to full time creating our future. Our tech support is endless with FunkyDog heading this area to ensure all our Metroids are happy.

Our other team members manage as much as they can around their full time jobs but do an amazing effort keeping our project moving in the right direction. Without all these people putting in the hard miles, there simply is no development, which in turn means no progress which in reality means no project!

4- What is the economic model of METRIX?

This is a little hard to outline in an answer as there are so many moving parts within our Ecosystem.

Metrix Coin LTD makes an income from some of our products, like MSW and MNP. These products don’t make a lot of profit though as there are fees required to be paid by the team to keep these operational and all the team members are working for the project at no cost. We are looking to add more products and services this year that will provide more use cases for the project and that will be income producing to the project as it costs money to grow any project.

To date we have never completed an ICO or IEO. We have completed a capital raise for an exchange listing and we have a capital raise underway currently as to list on any major exchange and market the listing is super expensive. The plan though will be to have multiple income sources to the project so that capital raises will be a thing of the past and the project will then easily be able to stay ahead of the game.

5- Can you please provide some progress on your Roadmap and some achievements of MRX token’s so far?

I love this question and most people simply will not believe what this microcap project has achieved in such a short space of time. Metrix Coin is truly so highly undervalued at this current price level and a coin that no one should be disregarding for any reason.

Let’s bullet point delivered items from the Road Map to date, as well as a few pending items that are currently being worked on and due for release in the next quarter. All these items are from only the past couple of years!

Visit Metrix Coin at and check out the Road Map.



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