AMA Recap: The Generals with Trent Richards CEO of Metrix Coin



Thanks for having me on this AMA. It’s fantastic to reach out to the Generals audience and share some information about our AMAZING COIN and TEAM.. Metrix!

My background for the past couple of decades has mainly been in financial services. I have owned and operated over 40 companies within this time, taking the chair as CEO in all of them.

I offered to assist the Metrix team with my skill set and then started in a volunteer BDM role. In a short period of time I stepped up to the CEO role as this is where I am the most comfortable, however I am still very keen to continue in my BDM role as well.

My plan is to stay in this CEO role for as long as I can add value to the team and the project. Whilst in this role my plan is to ensure that we are heading in the right direction and in a timely manner. I really want to ensure that, as a team we deliver and we make this project a huge success!

What is Metrix?

Metrix is a Proof of Stake (PoS) coin that has just recently been forked from the QTUM chain. The Metrix Dev team have then coded the chain to suit the requirements of Metrix. This allows for super-fast, low cost transactions. The proof of stake ability allows a holder to earn interest when holding the coin in a wallet provided in multiple forms by the team.

It’s a currency that uses a decentralized ledger meaning its available 24 hours a day. We are changing from a team run project to a community run project through our new Governor protocol. The team will be here to grow the coin and to assist our community at all times though.

The reason it is different to other coins is through the partnerships Metrix has in hand. These partnerships will allow MRX coin to be used as a form of payment in Casino’s through to Shopping centers and even for telecommunications. As we grow these partnerships, the real world use case for MRX will continue to expand.

Twitter Questions:

Good question, when you say platform just to clarify, we are not an exchange. We do have our web wallet and desktop wallet though. Our My Staking Wallet (MSW) has the most up to date security inbuilt to maximise user’s security. I’m not a tech so I won’t pretend to know all the technical specifications off the top of my head, but please feel free to ask our techs if you have any concerns.

What I can tell you in all the time that MSW has been running we have never had a security breach and nor do we believe that we will, due to the level of inbuilt security. Our desktop Altitude wallet has also just been upgraded to suit our new block chain and all the security aspects have also been upgraded to suit. Again we have never had a wallet breach previously, prior to any upgrades.

I apologise for not being able to answer from a tech prospective, however I am the CEO of the coin, not a tech. Those guys are so much smarter than me in this area.

2. Roadmap is really important thing to make investor learn and believe about your project, but I can’t see the roadmap in Metrix website. Can you share us Metrix roadmap? How was Metrix journey from beginning?

Thanks for asking this question.

The Road Map on our website was mostly achieved (although it’s now shaded out). The reason for this is that we decided to upgrade our block chain to a fork from the QTUM chain and this was completed on the 25th September, 2020.

We are currently in the process of updating our White Paper which in turn will allow us to update our Road Map. At the end of August, I put out a short term Road Map which has all been achieved apart from the ongoing White Paper (as we want to ensure that its challenging and that we deliver).

Tomorrow I will release another short term Road Map to cover October and I’m sure it will impress! If it doesn’t then you’re not going to be impressed by much at all..

Included in the short term Road Map are 4 X new exchange listings, with three of them being top 100 exchanges and 1 brand new exchange in beta testing now (almost ready to launch)!

We have been extremely busy over the past quarter at the Metrix shop with huge upgrades to the coin, chain and team!

3. Where does the project name come from? What does it mean for you and why did you choose that name for your project?

This is a popular question. I think the name serves extremely well as not only sounding pretty cool and something that you want to be a part of, but it also has meaning behind it.

The team came up with this name when we wanted to rebrand from our previous coin name, that didn’t really mean anything to anyone. This was prior to my time as CEO, but from what I recall they wanted a cool name that got noticed and I think that they have achieved this. Metrix is For Everyone, For Everything!

4. How important is the community to MetrixCoin when it comes to making adjustments and/or decisions? Do you consider the community part of something that can highly influence the growth of MetrixCoin?

Really good question.

My simple answer is extremely important! Yes, Yes, Yes, from me!

Our community now has a name and it was community suggested and community chosen. Our community are now known as Metroids!

Metrix is transitioning from a team run coin to a Metroids run coin. The very reason for upgrading our block chain was to allow for a Governor Protocol which allows anyone in the community to make a proposal for the other community members to vote for, or against. The team are here to support our Metroids but our Metroids are here to run the coin moving forward.

The chain swap will be completed by the 1st of December, 2020 and this is where the Metroids will be taking over from the team.

5. What kind of Dedicated Applications are you building for Metrix? Can you please provide some examples if any completed?

Currently I can’t as this is not our focus. That will no doubt change as we implement our new White Paper and Road Map.

What I can tell you is that Metrix has taken over from a partnership we put in place a few years ago with Grudge Match Gaming (GMG). We are busy working on this application currently and plan to bring it to life next year. The exact timing will be reflected in our Road Map when it’s released soon.

GMG is a gaming platform that allows players to play to most up to date games and you can bet MRX to win your match, as well as challenge the leader board and bet on other matches. This site is powered by METRIX and we can’t wait to bring it to life as soon as we can!

Community Questions:

How will your BA Group partnership increase liquidity to Metrix?

Luis, [08.10.20 11:20]

Does METRIX have a Coin Burn / BuyBack system or a plan for Token Burn to increase Token value and stabilize the price?

There are so many problems with the Stacking and Farming project. At least what does METRIX offer to every user who uses the platform for the future that can benefit both parties?

Sam29, [08.10.20 11:20]

Is there anything strategies or plan to encourage more people to use metrix coin? What makes metrix coin unique and different from other coins?

🍀Jobel♥️ | Satoshi Club, [08.10.20 11:20]

How to join Grudge Match Gaming in Metrix? What are the basic knowledge we must have to participate the game?

I AM | Chris, [08.10.20 11:21]

Great! Some are not available this time. Lol😂

Cengizhan Tekin, [08.10.20 11:21]

Do you have ambasssador program for expanding globally

I AM | Chris, [08.10.20 11:22]

Okay @TrentRich you can select the 5 now😊

Trent Richards, [08.10.20 11:22]

[In reply to jude newcomb]

Great Question: BA Consult are currently turning over millions of Euro per day through their clients businesses. Once business alone is one of the largest casino’s in Italy and then have agreed to allow MRX to be used as a payment for their slot machines. This alone is going to 10x the liquidity of MRX. I wont go into all the details here but this partnership will be a game changer once rolled out through all their clients over the years to come

Tony, [08.10.20 11:23]

What is main reason behind establishment of $Metrix ? What things motivated you much?

okok aja, [08.10.20 11:23]

I have invested in $MRX since appearing on Alitity Market, what is Metrix Coin long-term strategy for maintaining and raising prices? How does the Metrix Coin guarantee returns for long-term investors?

Trent Richards, [08.10.20 11:24]

[In reply to Apocan]

My community mean everything to me personally — I am continually spending one on one time with our Metroids. If you send me a DM I will answer it. Please don’t unless you need to though as I get 100’s of messages a day already. And please certainly don’t ask me tech questions.Lol. If you need my assistance as a Metroid though, you will get it!

Sam29, [08.10.20 11:24]

Is metrix coin will increase the value once it hit many users?

Abhi, [08.10.20 11:24]

Where is metrix road map now? Are all targets in accordance with the current road map?

Trent Richards, [08.10.20 11:24]

[In reply to Sam29]

Great question. The answer is yes

I AM | Chris, [08.10.20 11:25]

[In reply to Abhi]

If you follow us a while a go , you will know the answer😉

Trent Richards, [08.10.20 11:25]

through our partnerships we are incentivizing the use of MRX as you will see when these roll out

Trent Richards, [08.10.20 11:26]

[In reply to Luis]

Short answer on this one is that there will no doubt be a natural coin burn when coins do not get moved to the new chain. I don’t have the answer to this currently as we will need to wait until the chain swap closes on Dec 1, 2020

Trent Richards, [08.10.20 11:28]

[In reply to Tony]

Metrix is For Everyone, For Everything! We want to be flexible to be able to move when needed to take advantage of opportunities as they arise. Rather than just stuck in rut. Metrix is a form of payment that can be applied to unlimited applications

Trent Richards, [08.10.20 11:29]

[In reply to Cengizhan Tekin]

Yes we do and it’s currently being refreshed — We would love to bring on new Ambassadors right now if your keen

I AM | Chris, [08.10.20 11:31]

Cool! @TrentRich thanks for having us here and to be partnered with us. Do you have anything to be announced or shared with us before you leave😊

Trent Richards, [08.10.20 11:32]

Thank you to the Generals for having me here — If your keen to buy some Metrix now is certainly the time — NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE — We are about to list on 4 new exchanges — what more can I say

Trent Richards, [08.10.20 11:32]

Thank you for all the questions

Trent Richards, [08.10.20 11:32]

this was great to share METRIX with you all

Trent Richards, [08.10.20 11:32]


I AM | Chris, [08.10.20 11:32]

[In reply to Trent Richards]

What exchange will be the first ?😃

Trent Richards, [08.10.20 11:32]

Barter Trade is our first

Trent Richards, [08.10.20 11:33]

The others have not been announced as yet but will be over the next 3 weeks

I AM | Chris, [08.10.20 11:33]

[In reply to Trent Richards]

Nice! They are good exchange too.

Trent Richards, [08.10.20 11:33]

Yes Barter Trade are cutting edge and I will be shocked if they are not a top 20 in 2021

I AM | Chris, [08.10.20 11:33]

[In reply to Trent Richards]

Hahah, they will😉😁

We want to give a special thank you to The Generals for hosting our CEO of Metrix, Trent Richards. We are striving to provide products that encompass blockchain that is literally For Everyone and For Everything. Please make sure to stay up-to-date with our project’s developments on Twitter, Discord, and Telegram.

A community-driven blockchain project that aims to enhance business models and improve business-to-comsumer relationships through our products and services.

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