[Announcement] WG Whale Trading partners with Metrix Coin

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Walter Groff, Italian passionate trader has partnered with Metrix Coin to start accepting $MRX payments for trading services. Walter has valuable years of trading experience of the chart movements with the related tools, patterns, supports, resistances, oscillators, indicators, Fibonacci, and every tool necessary to be able to approach in the most professional and profitable way possible in the world of crypto trading. His trading exposure with Bitcoin since 2013 soon led him to pursue the high gains from cryptocurrencies.

I initially bought Bitcoins as an investment then soon after I discovered it was better to accumulate and earn BTC with the Alt Coin / BTC pair trading operations.

Over the years Walter has acquired support among his followers from an Italian group on Facebook called Cryptonews Italia. The group is highly regarded as the perfect niche to network with other new and experienced traders. His trading calls and knowledge on trading concepts has helped many profit and gain. This is where his followers nicknamed him Brazilian Whale (Brazilian because he currently lives in Brazil).

Walter first became acquainted with Metrix Coin thanks to a very long friendship with one our very own business developers, Luca Bonadonna (WhiteShark). He was immediately convinced about our small cap coin and its dormant potential after learning more about the blockchain, products, services and the overwhelming support from experienced people.

I am convinced that Metrix will soon explode. Precisely for this reason I am happy to offer my experience and skills to the entire Metrix “Metroids” community and to accept MRX as a form of payment. I am sure it will give me enormous satisfaction to work with this empowered community…I also would like to help the community and the union of our synergies will increase the visibility of Metrix Coin and bring many more people to this fantastic project. I am thrilled to be part of this great opportunity and thank you all for your trust in me.

Metrix Coin welcomes Walter Groff to our merchant partner network. WG Whale Trading will offer trading education along with trading services for $MRX payment.

Join the community here for your 14-day trial and see how you may profit along with Walter and other dedicated traders.

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