Budget Proposal Update

Amount: 19,000,000 MRX

Metrix Coin has continued its efforts to establish Metrix Coin blockchain as a utility chain, and also among cryptocurrency exchanges, both centralized and decentralized. The third budget proposal will be solely for listing requirements for BitMart exchange, a centralized exchange.

BitMart has over 2.2 million users with a 24 hour volume of $1,365,583,789.32 32,359 BTC at the time of writing. BitMart introduces Metrix Coin to more exposure.

Metrix Coin is for everyone and for everything.

Metrix Coin pushes to establish a relationship with Metroids. One important aspect to consider is accessibility of purchasing Metrix Coin and the other is ease of blockchain and cryptocurrency (i.e. MRX) utilization. It is our main priority to make Metrix Coin accessible and available in as many cryptocurrency exchanges, regardless if decentralized or centralized.

Governance Protocol

The Metroid community has the opportunity to affect change on-chain and off-chain. Metroids may make suggestions, propose a development (non-technological or technological) for a preliminary vote and may also submit proposals through the project’s Governance Protocol. To activate a Governor smart-contract, Metroids must lock 7.5M MRX in collateral (affordable in current MRX market value). Governors may pass, deny or abstain their vote on any given proposal. The Governance Protocol ensures development through the ever growing Metroid Community. Metroids decide the direction of the project.



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