ElyaTel and Metrix Coin

Telecommunications has advanced in this modern age to permit people to call or text others across the globe. We are able to communicate long distances in a matter of seconds which opens our ability to be more social. We have perfected our communication line from sending letters through horses, sending morse code via telegraph machines, dialing using landline telephones, and now through the internet, radio and satellite. Different devices that facilitated the communication also ensued in each telecommunication step. Cell phones equipped with applications only made our daily living easier. Smart phones have set a new stage of interfacing with the world creating more traffic from our digital footprint.

Cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology that powers it have evolved the way we transact with one another. Cryptocurrency may be thought of as the vehicle to send and receive transactions anonymously using blockchain, or the road, which is a trustless, peer-to-peer, environment without the intermediary. As an additive feature, all anonymous transactions are logged in an open-ledger making it viewable to the public. Transactions have never been more valid, more private, and more transparent.

Metrix Coin Blockchain

Metrix Coin blockchain is the conduit to facilitate instant and valid transactions in a secure fashion. It also harbors the smart-contract technology to build decentralized applications and. smart-contracts. Smart-contracts automate simple to complex processes while executing term agreements between the involving parties. The dedicated blockchain explorer makes all transactions within the Metrix Coin blockchain viewable and transparent.

ElyaTel with Metrix Coin Business Model

Metrix Coin has partnered with ElyaTel. As Elya Foundation has stated in their website, ElyaTel is a provider of telecommunications services, including international roaming and IT solutions. The company offers global roaming GSM 900 SIM cards (Nano and Micro) and international 3G/4G data. ElyaTel uses 2–3 networks in 60 countries. The key distinctive feature of ElyaTel services from other telecommunication providers is the total anonymity of their users.

Over 95% of users pay cash in shops or bank transfers to purchase SIM cards and top-up, or recharge their SIM cards. This jeopardizes anonymity leaving opportunities to trace payments back to the user.

ElyaTel allows users to purchase and top-up their ElyaTel SIMs anonymously with crypto: Elya Coin, Afro Coin and also with Metrix Coin. The core of their idea is to provide anonymous ElyaTel SIM cards that can be paid with anonymous coins. This is why their services are the preferred choice when security and confidentiality of information is crucial.

ElyaTel SIM cards are also hardware wallets, so users may store their coins securely and keep it physically at hands reach.

How it works?

Users visit https://elya.io/ to purchase ElyaTel SIM cards, top-up, and pay with Metrix Coin at the point of checkout. The identity of the user is preserved, and the transaction is logged in the Metrix blockchain.

Note: ElyaTel is now accepting Metrix Coin.

An Applicable Use-case: Smart-Contract Model with Telecommunication Providers and Metrix Coin Blockchain

An application use of smart-contracts with telecommunication providers and Metrix Coin blockchain opens endless possibilities for users and providers. For instance, users may enter into an agreement of automatically withdrawing crypto funds in Metrix for service from the provider. In exchange for sending a monthly payment to the provider, the provider will continue rendering service. In the instance that the user does not provide payment, the smart-contract is cancelled. If the provider stops the service, then the user is returned the monthly payment.

A more complex approach with smart-contracts is that a user pays for a SIM card using crypto and immediately triggers a chain of events from processing payment, shipping and tracking the shipment to its final destination. Supply chain errors are minimized leaving no room for errors. If any of the events were to be interrupted then the smart-contract immediately nullifies the transaction, returning funds to the user.

The nature of these agreements is automated, and all of its activities logged in the Metrix Coin blockchain.

AFRO Foundation with Metrix Coin

The AFRO Foundation is a non-governmental organization that aims to the betterment of societal and economical developments. As the website states focuses in a number of areas within the African continent in the ameliorating processes found in purification of water, tracking of medicine, education, science, information technology, promotion of African Arts, promotion of industry growth, the preservation of forests, and enhancing the Human Development Index (HDI) in all of the 54 African countries.

The foundation leading the AFRO coin project is based in Geneva, Switzerland where it is protected by the Swiss foundations governance laws. The foundation will continue to develop the cryptocurrency so it may be used for purchases.

Here is an example of the AFRO Foundation with drinkable water machines: https://youtu.be/s3BNhtJ4l2w

Just like the AFRO coin, Metrix coin may be used to purchase purified drinking water, and other products.

What are the Elya Coin and AFRO Coin?

The Elya coin and the AFRO coin are both proof-of-stake cryptocurrencies. These assets may be used to stake for rewards, and to purchase products as mentioned previously. The Foundations’ community-driven initiatives have the potential to reshape African social living, and e-commerce.

Please visit https://www.elya.io/ and https://afrofoundation.org/ to learn more about each Foundation and the coins, Elya and AFRO, that aim to liberate the African community.

Why affiliate with Metrix Coin?

User confidentiality and security is preserved.

User confidentiality is under scrutiny the more telecommunication services advances. A partnership with Metrix Coin secures user confidentiality, and the provider benefits from all the unique characteristics that Metrix Coin blockchain may offer: instant, valid and transparent payments, decentralized applications, smart-contracts, Metrix Coin blockchain explorer to view all transactions, etc.

In service to Communities.

Metrix coin is a community-driven project. The motto, “For Everyone and For Everything” is what the project envisions. Collectively, Metrix Coin, Elya and AFRO Foundations create an excellent niche environment where all three support each other. Metrix engages business models by offering an inherently valuable cryptocurrency, blockchain and tools. It is no surprise that these partnerships will grow their user bases and cross-promote within their respective communities.

Where may I purchase Elya and Afro Coin?

Elya is available on Vindax Exchange, and Afro Coin is available on Stex and Crex24

Where may I purchase Metrix Coin?

Metrix Coin is available in DigiFinex, Whitebit, P2PB2B, Crex24 and Altmarkets.


For more detailed information about these projects, blockchain specifications, and socials visit: ElyaTel at https://elya.io, Afro Foundation at https://afrofoundation.org, and Metrix Coin at https://www.metrixcoin.com/.

Contact for Business Inquiries

ElyaTel and Afro Foundation with David Nadal: david.nataf@elyatel.com or david@afrofoundation.org.

Metrix Coin with Trent Richards: Trent@metrixcoin.com.



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