How to Bridge, Wrap, and Unwrap MetrixCoin

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1 min readAug 31, 2021


How to “bridge” MRX?

Get MetaMask or other compatible BEP-20/ERC-20 wallet. Visit for information and to download Metamask.

Add a custom token address.



Visit bridge ( and interact with smart-contract.

Will need BNB or ETH for gas to do any transactions on either BSC or Ethereum chains.

How does wrapping work?

MRXb/MRXe are minted by vendors.

Deposit MRX in the vendor wallet.

Create a transaction that sends custodial funds to the custodian, paying the MRX fee.

Pay gas and present the signed minting permission to the Wrapped Metrix contract on BSC/ETH.

Vendor account is credited so long as the mint permission is valid.

How does unwrapping work?

MRXb/MRXe can only be unwrapped by vendors.

Do a burn on the contract

Submit the txid of the burn to the custodian

If burn happened and not already attested, attest the burn and credit the vendor MRX account minus the MRX fee

These funds can be wrapped again or withdrawn.

Note: MetrixCoin is planning to make it fully non-custodial. At the current moment, it is semi-custodial.

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