Is Metrix the most undervalued Coin?

As we are entering the next bull market, holders start to get tetchy about missing the run. If you do your homework now, you will be in the driver’s seat, ready to hold steady rather than jumping around trying to catch the next rise. If you are a trader, then great for you and all the best. But unfortunately most people can’t pick when a coin is going to rise, and they end up jumping away from a rise too early due to nerves and fomo.

Wise crypto enthusiasts have a handful of coins covering each market cap level, but you really don’t want to spread yourself too thin across twenty plus coins. How do you choose what to hold in the vast sea of cryptos, all of which tout such grand plans? One of the things I personally look for is undervalued coins. In basic terms, undervalued is the difference between what a coin is selling for and what a coin has already rolled out or has a good chance of rolling out in the near future.

On a higher level, I also like to factor in:

  1. What a coin is working towards and the likelihood of delivering their plans.
  2. How long away is a deliverable project, and are they talking months or years till platforms are delivered.
  3. What is the project’s track record of delivering development.
  4. How active a team is on socials.

Take low cap coin Metrix (MRX), for example. The team has been working tirelessly for well over a year now. What first drew me to Metrix was the ability to talk to at least someone from the team daily. If they are logging in and communicating, that was a big plus for me.

But over a year ago they released This cemented their ability to deliver on large projects and crypto firsts. At the time, it was the only wallet to accept multiple POS coins, and still one year on it continues to be far superior in features, usability and security. What wasn’t public one year ago is that the team’s plan for the wallet was to generate fiat to be able to continue development on Metrix through the crypto winter. While other teams were drifting, Metrix kept its team of developers and had them working constantly on not only developing the Metrix chain (ranked in top 100 on, but also building other projects from scratch, such as (launching soon). This has put Metrix in a fantastic position for the next few months.

With Metrix, I believe crypto enthusiasts have a rare opportunity to find that undervalued gem they have been seeking, one which has built strong foundations on its team’s hard work and developer skill. If you are truly interested in development and constructing use cases, you must look into Metrix.

Grudge Match Gaming is one of the most exciting use cases in crypto and is in final testing prior to launch, so today may just be the perfect day to get involved.

At the time of article release, Metrix is available on and for under 10 sats.

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