Linda to Metrix – what do I need to do?

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You’ve probably heard about the rebrand that Linda is undertaking, where Linda magically becomes Metrix. If you have been living under a rock and don’t have any idea what I’m talking about, then check this out:

But what you really want to know is…. what do you need to do. Ive rolled up today in my suit and tie to put your mind at ease. This will be one of the simplest processes of your life. If this were a house renovation, there would be no structural changes requiring council approval. We would change the paint, move a door, and put down those nice timber floorboards that command top prices on the flip shows.

There is no swap….. there is no burn…

As this is a rebrand and the main chain is staying exactly the same, you could in theory not update, and you would still receive rewards and be able to transact with your Linda. If you sent your Linda to someone with a new wallet, they would magically become Metrix once they hit the new wallet. If someone with a Metrix wallet sent their coins to your Linda wallet, they would display as Linda. It’s really just a display change to how the coins are viewed.

In summary, all you need to do is update your wallet on June 15th 2019, and you are ready for the future!

In the words of Gaelin McBride:

“the new wallet looks phenomenal.”

I wish I could sound more technical at this point, but this change is a no-brainer.

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