Metrix Merchants…. go on- spend that stake!

One of our new roadmap goals is to build a full merchant list and to work with our International Ambassadors to help build a worldwide network of over 1,000 merchants.

While we get that done, here are a few places you can spend your next stake…

Option 1- Dr.Peppa’s condiments-

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While we are talking steak (see what I did there?), there is nothing better than some fancy sauce. Owner ‘Crimbo’ has been a long time Linda / Metrix supporter and is a fantastic business owner, but where he really excels is in some fine sauce. I can tell you that the question “what is your secret sauce” isn’t by chance. Take an 8/10 meal to 10/10 with your secret sauce. You can either pass on the compliments to ‘Crimbo’ or steal them for yourself; he won’t judge!

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Sauces from £3.99- Worldwide Shipping available- for free with orders (depending on location)

Option 2- Digital Asset Services-

Dusty and his trusty (see what I did there?) robot are carving the way forward. With a variety of quality products, you can show your support for crypto (especially Metrix) in a unique way. Grab a Linda logo for old times’ sake, or get a Ripple disk to throw under a bus…. you know, whatever you are into!

Option 3- TMW Automotive-

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That’s not Todd and that’s not his workshop but you get the idea!

Nestled in Moorooka, Brisbane is TMW Automotive, run by the amazing duo Todd and Wendy. If you live in Brisbane and are looking for a reasonably priced mechanic for any car servicing needs, you must look no further than TMW Automotive. Todd will also talk your ear off about crypto, so be ready for an enjoyable discussion.

Option 4- Evolution Host-

Want to run a VPS and pay in Linda/Metrix? We have the answer for you with Evolution Host. Pick what VPS services you require and select Linda as the payment method.

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Option 5- Our New Use Case

Perhaps the greatest merchant of them all is Metrix’s new use case. I can’t tell you details, but I can tell you that it’s amazeballs.

Do you want to be listed on the Metrix Merchant directory when it comes out? Tell Chris about your business by emailing

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