Metrix Mic Drop- What Now?

So we’ve rolled into your life and dropped the big news. Linda is rebranding to Metrix. Now you are wondering what is next and whats the plan?

In the background we have every cog turning at full speed.

Consider this your guided tour through our Metrix Developer Server where we just invited our 107th person in today. All of these people are current and future partners, team, contractors- people all with the common goal of doing business with us. Some of these projects are in the beginning stages wont be realized for months and some won’t even be this year.

Flicking through one of our main projects we are working on is our new use case. This is now effectively complete. We have Scuba running the 15 beta testers trying their hardest to break it. Dave Grunge our lead developer is looking quite smug as they haven’t succeeded as yet. Scuba gives deadlines and won’t take no for an answer.

Scuba has also taken the lead in contacting partners about the rebrand. There is a lot around this including exchanges, service providers, places like CMC and masternodespro etc.

I can see that just today Josh has completed all github commits to rebrand- Grunge gives him a pat on the back for a job well done- well in Grunges words “your rebrand commits are good” That’s about as good as its going to get- Josh knows this and is clearly proud of a job well done.

Nibbles is testing the new head first syncing. Hes reporting that we can do a full sync in under 2 hours now. At this point you may be interested in how head first syncing works….. Headers first syncing works by synchronizing the blockchain by downloading the block headers first before downloading the full blocks.


-much more robust against unresponsive slow peers

- reduces the need for checkpoints

-no orphan blocks stored in memory (reduces memory usage during sync)

-parallel block downloading

This expedites the time taken to get a fully synced wallet

Dave Grunge has been head down on the new usecase GMG (as well as a myriad of other work- he really is the most amazing asset to this project). Its just been released that its gaming related. It’s looking fantastic with its hotswap from BTC to Metrix. Gaelin is communicating with the artists to create images for GMG and shooting them over to Grunge to be incorporated.

Gaelin has also done a lot of work around our team culture. How we operate as a team, how we include Ambassadors. How we get 107 people all pulling in the same direction. Speaking about our ambassadors, we have 15 world wide ready to tackle Metrix in major languages.

Our graphical wizard Oz has put out some of the greatest artwork I’ve seen to date. He just seems to get better and better with age- can’t wait to see him at 80. We have another graphical expert Tix who is pumping out some great images for the use case.

One of Oz’s beauties

Justin has taken the lead on website revamps with people working on MyStakingWallet (MSW), MyNodePool (MNP)and Metrix sites. For MSW and MNP its a refresh, but for Metrix its a rebuild. This task is about artwork, design and content. As our Metrix site will be the key sales tool used to promote what we are doing, this is one of the most important tasks going on in the developer server.

Over in MNP discussion, Jeff is completely rebuilding MyNodePool from the ground up. The new MNP will include some fantastic new features while ensuring the security of users assets.

Chris has been tasked with writing the new whitepaper and roadmap for Metrix. Reading over our older whitepapers, he can see how far we have come in such a short time frame. The new whitepaper includes goals that will stretch us as a team, and wow you as a community.

Let me tell you about our CFO Stephen. His main focus the last few months has been an exciting pivot for LindaX. As you have probably worked out we will re-brand LindaX shortly. From all of our meetings with new tokens and exchanges we have come up with a fantastic angle that people are hungry for. Adding a new usecase for LindaX will definitely help propel it forward at a faster rate.

So that’s a little teaser of what fills our days. What I love is we are all helping out in every section- jumping in and out as our skills allow. We are a true team, with true passion, but where we really shine is in determination and hard work! Best team in Crypto.

Best team in crypto?- Thanks anonymous internet writer (not a team member)!