Metrix Name Service (MNS)

Introduction and Guide to Metrix Name Service (MNS)

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6 min readJun 15, 2022

What is the Metrix Name Service?

The Metrix Name Service (MNS) is an open, circulated, and extensible naming framework that connects straightforwardly with the Metrix blockchain.

Like the Domain Name Service (DNS) job, the MNS plays the part of a space name administration that maps comprehensible addresses, for example, “name.mrx,” to a machine-coherent location like this long hexadecimal string: “0xd0bCe98N6w7oP379Qk42u6ef845yXt8Zf65DFG3.”

The customized MNS addresses permit clients to deal with their digital money assets and resources by essentially utilizing a human-accommodating space name. MNS spaces intend to turn into the usernames of web3, and it can store crypto wallets, sites, content hashes, and metadata. Proprietors can associate all their crypto wallets under one single MNS space and get digital currencies or NFTs.

This implies that exchanges are secure and decentralized without the requirement for extended and muddled addresses. This diminishes the possibility of committing errors while entering the location of the beneficiary to which assets are sent.

Albeit the MNS might be indistinguishable from the DNS arrangement of the 1980s, its design is unique.

The MNS is like the DNS in that it utilizes a framework called spaces. The area’s maker or proprietor has command over the top-level space as well as any subdomains.

Anyone can secure responsibility for their very own utilization. MNS upholds the import of DNS names that are now claimed by clients for use on MNS. Because of the progressive idea of MNS, anybody can make subdomains for themselves or others. For example, you can make “” assuming you own “name.mrx” and make any designs you like.

MNS can be sent on both the Metrix Coin network as well as a test organization.

Both the DNS and the MNS are conventions that can deal with human connections with web2 and web3. DNS changes over an IP address into a comprehensible string known as a URL.

The MNS changes over a Metrix address into a comprehensible string designed as a URL. The two capacities are like a telephone directory. It is feasible to look into an individual’s name in a telephone directory and find the number that permits you to reach them.

Web2 can work consistently with the DNS as a component of an organization of web conventions. Web3, the idea that portrays the new, decentralized web, is still in its earliest stages and faces many difficulties.

MNS’s main role is to make web3 more clear and to share crypto addresses. Over the long haul, more blockchain conventions will uphold and coordinate MNS as a component of their web3 combination.

Metrix Name Service — Name Registration Guide

  1. Go to
  2. Click App

3. Log into MetriMask

4. Search for a short address by entering name in search bar and either click search or hit enter when finished typing.

5. If your name is not registered, it will show as “Inactive”. Click the Details box to continue.

6. As expected, no information is filled in for this short address yet, so click Register.

7. Let’s deal with this page in sections. This top section will show your name you’re registering, the cost in MRX, and the parent name. In this example, we are registering metroid1.mrx for 45097 Metrix. Please note that the less characters you choose, the more expensive it becomes. 5+ are generally inexpensive while 4 and 3 characters go up in cost exponentially.

8. Click to Generate Secret and Copy. Save somewhere else that is secure for your use in the future in case you need to retrieve it.

9. Next, the Resolver line. For those unfamiliar with Resolver, in the most basic sense it is what helps the short address communicate with the MRX address. Unless you have a more advanced understanding of this feature, just click Use Default and it will Auto-Fill.

10. Then, you will fill in the Address and Ownership fields. Unless you are assigning ownership of the short address to another address than what is on your MetriMask wallet, click Use Self for both fields. If you want to assign your short address to another wallet address outside of MetriMask, input that address in the Address field. If you want to assign ownership of this registered name to another wallet address than your MetriMask wallet address, input that address in the Owner field.

11. Click Request Register. Sign Transaction on MetriMask when pop-up occurs.

12. Now, wait for 1 confirmation on the network. Confirmations on the network vary in time. Most of the wait times during testing were between 2 and 5 minutes. Some went above this mark. Please continue to wait for the network to achieve a confirmation.

a. IMPORTANT NOTE: If your Registration Transaction Hash looks like this below, the transaction will not confirm, and you will need to redo the registration process and increase Gas Price from 5000 to 9000. It should not require more than this increase. Simply click Refresh on your browser.

b. When redoing the process, please note that the Secret Phrase generated will be different. PLEASE SAVE NEW SECRET PHRASE!

c. Ensure Address and Ownership are still registering to the addresses you wanted.

d. Click Request Register again, and increase Gas Price.

13. Once a confirmation has been achieved, wait for the page to refresh automatically. Then, review your information in the blue box and click Finalize Register.

14. Again, wait for 1 confirmation.

15. Success! Wait for page to refresh again. You will now see your information filled into the fields that were empty earlier when we originally searched for whether the short address was claimed or not.

16. To add MNS to your NFT tab in MetriMask, you will have to add the contract code to the wallet. Doing so is easy. Open MetriMask and go to your NFT’s tab.

17. Click Add Token.

18. Add Contract Address 38ddc88dea72954a65c12756174c7ad551024f7d

19. Your Metrix Name Service field should appear and show you now have 1 MNS.

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