Metrix- The unveiling: A new direction for Linda

May 29, 2019

As you would have heard by now, the Metrix team has been hard at work re-branding our coin Linda to Metrix. Through this article, the Metrix team will describe why the change was important, and how it will lead us to greater achievements over the near and longer time frames.

Why Metrix? Metrix is a play on the word Metrics which is the measuring and tracking of information which allows for the evaluation and improvement of effectiveness and efficiency of processes.

Along this journey we have been working on the complete package. This wasn’t just about a name, or a logo- It’s about how we move forward into phase two of our crypto-currency journey. How will we as a coin get global and mainstream acceptance, how will we get accepted on major platforms. How will we get taken seriously?

Over the past year and a half we have met with hundreds of potential and actual partners. The feedback has been deafening: We love you, we love your community we love your tech, but we cant get behind the name.

The current name and design is actually loved by all who know her well. Just the thought of changing who we are sends shudders down our spine. The Metrix team hasn’t taken this on lightly. Its been a massive task that has consumed the team for a better part of 6 months.

We will tell you about the why, but before we do, lets please take this chance to say goodbye to our old friend: Linda. While none of us chose your name, we chose you to be our main chain. We loved that you were different, we loved that you had a crazy back story. We love everything about you- Goodbye my friend, you have been the one for me.

To move on, we needed to have some principles to guide us:

The new branding should be professional and versatile.

Metrix wants to be a mainstream cryptocurrency, firmly planted in the top 100. It needs to be at home used on any website or payment gateway. As future use cases are formed, we want to be versatile enough to be able to easy adapt and fit in with a bigger picture and to capture new opportunities.

The logo should be simple and currency like.

We need a logo that can be used as a stand alone currency / payment symbol. A logo that looks crisp enough to place on popular websites without looking outdated.

The new name should be simple, one syllable and memorable.

Ok, we are aware that the final name was two syllables, but they are short and punchy so we will call it one and a half syllables that rounds down to one.

The name needs to be short but with punch. Memorable yet professional. Something that would look fantastic on a crisp parchment business card being slid out of a tailor made suit breast pocket at consensus 2020. But it needs to be more than that, it needs to feel at home in a mechanics workshop where Todd has just spent half a day figuring out where that ticking sound came from- and when it comes time to settle the bill, Todd prefers Metrix

The Logo Journey:

First rough ideas

Our initial requirement was a M design that is easy to recognize in small form.

Some other M designs raised
The team really liked the simplicity and the ability to use as a currency symbol

We decided on a circular coin shape as it fits in best for exchanges and web usage requirements.

Next step was to choose colors

When choosing colors, we investigated the current landscape and what is working in the marketplace.

From research there was a sweet spot in the industry with Purple. Purple is a beautiful color to enjoy and created from two wonderful colors themselves, blue and red. … Combines the stability of blue and the energy of red. Associated with royalty. It symbolizes power, nobility, luxury, and ambition.

Further information on why purple works for brands further reading:

…so without further ado, we present the new Metrix logo:

It summed up everything we wanted to achieve and when working as a currency symbol looks fantastic

The new Metrix font is NOVA. It shows a strength and boldness

We’ve also devised a complete palette for Metrix. Definitely warmer and less orange ;)

We look forward to seeing it everywhere soon, including on the new use case released.

On that- the change of names to Metrix has allowed for us to line up one of the most exciting use cases in crypto. We need to spend the next few weeks changing everything over (think websites, exchanges, social media), but be ready for an exciting use case. A real reason to hold and use Metrix daily.

For those that have supported us through the crypto winter- we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Its time to let Metrix run at full stride. Welcome to the future.

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