Metrix- The unveiling: A new direction for Linda

The new branding should be professional and versatile.

Metrix wants to be a mainstream cryptocurrency, firmly planted in the top 100. It needs to be at home used on any website or payment gateway. As future use cases are formed, we want to be versatile enough to be able to easy adapt and fit in with a bigger picture and to capture new opportunities.

The logo should be simple and currency like.

We need a logo that can be used as a stand alone currency / payment symbol. A logo that looks crisp enough to place on popular websites without looking outdated.

The new name should be simple, one syllable and memorable.

Ok, we are aware that the final name was two syllables, but they are short and punchy so we will call it one and a half syllables that rounds down to one.

First rough ideas
Some other M designs raised
The team really liked the simplicity and the ability to use as a currency symbol
Next step was to choose colors



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