Metrix Update 04 Sept 2020

Metrix is moving forward stronger than ever. In this update Trent Richards brings serenity, determination and direction. He shares with us his new role as acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO), and his background involvement as a business entrepreneur.

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"Over the past two and a half decades I have owned and operated over 40 companies, and I have sat in the role of CEO in all of these companies. As the CEO of my largest group of companies, I employed over 600 full-time staff plus my contractors, and we operated in over three separate continents. This Financial Services group of companies had sales revenues in excess of $850M per annum for more than a decade."
Trent Richards continues by saying, "Now, I am not sharing this information to impress anyone. I gave up trying to impress people many years ago! I am only sharing this information to give you the confidence - that I have the ability to run this team."
The community may already appreciate a steady satoshi price of 3 sats for Metrix, and the consistent buy pressure since Trent Richards came onboard as Director of Business Development, his former position. It goes without saying, Trent Richards brings valuable business experience to which Metrix project will soon come to fruition.

We are committed to work as an effective team to meet all the tasks as stipulated in our road map. "This way, as a team, we are accountable for what we say we are doing...I can assure you that we are working hard against this tight timeline to deliver this short-term road map."

We are only a few weeks away from a chain swap set for October 1st, or the week prior. Trent Richards does advise that the chain swap will not be an automatic proceeding. The entire community will need to participate in the swap to continue their support in the new Metrix blockchain. Our Lead Developer, David Grunge, has already created a website that will facilitate the swap. And the Metrix Support team is ready to guide the community through the seamless process during the swap. That is one of the key reasons that makes Metrix so resilient: the blockchain support and assistance making it a reputable service.

Trent Richards has tirelessly been working to have Metrix listed in multiple exchanges. We have 3 new exchange listings, massive marketing campaigns, additional marketing strategies, and set Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) sessions. Trent Richards shares ecstatically, "3 New exchanges in one month is simply EPIC!!!!"

Barter Trade is looking at a tentative date of either in late September or early October to list Metrix. Trent Richards is working closely with BT in a listing promotion, so that we can get as many fresh eyes on Metrix as possible during this listing period.

The second exchange is currently scheduled to go live between the 12th -15th of October. And the third exchange is going live towards the end of October. Unfortunately, these exchanges can not currently be named because of Non-Disclosure Agreements.

These exchanges will be fully disclosed in October as we commence a massive amount of marketing and promotions through these exchanges.

Trent Richards announces that Justin Tether has decided to step back from being a “Core Team Member”, and dedicate his time to family, friends, and personal ventures – His “Tour of Metrix Duty” has come to an end! Justin Tether has always kept the project afloat with the ongoing developments and support even during a bear market.

"What I would like to do on behalf of Chris, the Metrix support team and myself is thank Justin for all his hard work over the past 3 years through the good times (and not so good times following the bear market for the past couple of years). I would like to thank him for getting the coin and team to where he did - and also to thank him for passing over the baton for us to run with! Justin has handed the keys to Chris and myself to ensure METRIX is looked after...Chris and I are sad to see Justin stepping back however we wish Justin every success with his new ventures!"

The project is currently working on a bounty program to earn FREE Metrix.

"It’s looking really exciting at the moment, and offering plenty of opportunities for Metroids that want to be part of it!"

"Volunteer roles will be on offer in the coming weeks as there are plenty of jobs around the Metrix Shop Front that need doing. Anything from sweeping the floors to dusting off the computers and wiping down the monitors, to get ready for October!"

Roles that the project are seeking to fill are:

  1. New tech support roles

2. Ambassador roles

3. Social Media Promotional roles

4. Marketing roles

5. Business Development roles

6. Influencer Introduction roles

7. The New Bounty roles

8. And many more

Trent Richards closes us off. "With this being said I have covered the main points of this update and I look forward to bringing you the next update within a few weeks with the specifics on the chain swap and what you need to do. Until then – Please HODL Your bags as we get closer to an absolutely EPIC OCTOBER 2020! Cheers for now!" 
Epic, indeed.

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A community-driven blockchain project that aims to enhance business models and improve business-to-comsumer relationships through our products and services.

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