[Partnership Announcement] A.T.S. and Metrix Coin

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Metrix Coin announced a strategic partnership with A.T.S. that will accentuate our blockchain as a solution, and cryptocurrency as a form of payment with our partner’s clients in multiple industries.

“It’s not just one industry that we are going to discuss today. It’s about multiple industries at the same time being able to use MRX as a form of payment, as well as these companies being able to build on the blockchain to enhance their business.” – Trent Richards (CEO of Metrix Coin)

A.T.S. stands for Assistance Technical Service and offers a multiple array of Information Communication Technology, or ICT, solutions involved in IP networks, VoIP wireless, security and video surveillance. The company specializes in design, implementation, operation and maintenance of ICT infrastructure for their clients.

“A.T.S. is a medium company and operates in the Italian area and with 60 employees. Currently, A.T.S. has a portfolio of around 200 customers. [It has a] very great variety of customers, where there are both, companies of great national importance, to companies that belong to the category of mid-market.” – Valerio Scippa (A.T.S. Representative)

A.T.S. in collaboration with Metrix Coin are working on defining all the processes to integrate our blockchain and setting up Metrix Coin as a payment system with our partner’s first 2 clients. We are expecting our first client to be fully operational within 3 months. A.T.S. is establishing a sales line with dedicated commercial and technical support with specific roles that will further bridge communication between Metrix Coin, A.T.S. and clients. Once fully operational, A.T.S. anticipates interest of integrating our blockchain solutions and payment system with their clients. This marks a great mutual opportunity for A.T.S. clients to enhance their business model with Metrix solutions, and for Metrix Coin to increase utility through use-cases.

Metrix Coin is also looking in other sectors where businesses may benefit with our Metrix solutions. We believe that our Metrix blockchain offers a better method of building up business models, and relationships with e-commerce, business-to-business and business-to-consumer.

“I am working in other sectors, like gaming, and I am dealing with a lot of companies that are very interested [in integrating] Metrix Coin…The times are good [to] start to show the world where Metrix can go because behind Metrix there is something real and not only air and marketing.” – Luca Bonadona (Metrix Coin Italian Business Developer)

Visit our hub website at www.MetrixCoin.info to check out our pitch deck, links to our website and socials. Make sure to follow us to stay current with ongoing developments. We have an exciting year ahead!

A community-driven blockchain project that aims to enhance business models and improve business-to-comsumer relationships through our products and services.

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