The Clock Chimes- Time for LindaX

Well, all the buzz lately has been around Linda rebranding to Metrix. Meanwhile, LindaX has sat patiently waiting for her turn, and people have been asking if LindaX will become MetrixX. The answer is no, it won’t…Don’t be silly.

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What will the new name be? Well, I can’t tell you just yet, except that it will suit the new use case really well. For the purpose of this article, I will continue to refer to it as LindaX, but it will be changing.

I hear you screaming from the rooftops right now “If you aren’t going to tell us the name, why are you here?” That’s a great question. I was forced to come here by Gaelin, who said that you guys think we have forgotten about LindaX. This isn’t the case at all. Nobody likes to be forced to do anything, so in an act of rebellion, I’m going to tell you about the new use case for LindaX.

But first, let’s clarify that LindaX will still be used by companies seeking to incorporate blockchain technology into their business models, and companies will still need to be verified as legitimate as we aim to avoid scam tokens. We have five companies looking into listing on LindaX, in addition to Pro Battle League’s B7 token.

However, the biggest issue is availability of gas (LindaX) for these tokens, which means we need to talk about the connection between Metrix and LindaX. Connecting Metrix and LindaX is a great concept, but it has lead to heartache and pain on the exchange front. It is now our intention to uncouple the two coins for exchange listings, to allow LindaX to be listed and flourish. We have thought about this a great deal, as it was a key element to our plan. However, with the exception of Shardax, which has been a perfect partner to us, we are going to struggle to list the pair we need until we have a history of volume, and we can’t get a history of volume until we have listings. It’s the old chicken and egg dilemma…We are open to our community’s thoughts on this, so please come in to Discord or Telegram and tell us what you think!

Sorry, now back to the new use case, which is in addition to what we have been doing so far. It is… STO’s! “What’s an STO?!” I hear you ask. It’s a Security Token Offering. It’s like an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) on steroids. Here are some of the key differences:

  1. Security tokens need to be backed by assets. For example, if you want to raise $10 million in an STO, you could have $10 million worth of Real Estate registered against the STO, which makes it a lot easier to assess whether or not the token is priced fairly in relation to the underlying asset.
  2. STOs are seen as lower risk because the securities laws that security tokens have to comply with often enforce transparency and accountability.
  3. STO’s will only be done by serious companies with full asset coverage, so they tend to be bigger, and better recognized companies.
  4. STO’s and blockchains need to be registered and compliant across a number of countries’ regulations. We have been working with STO legal experts for over six months.
  5. STO’s are in their very early days, so LindaX has the opportunity to get out on the front foot here and establish itself as the go-to company to assist.
  6. STO’s are a kind of mix between ICO’s and IPO’s (old school stock exchange). Fractional ownership and the ability to trade 24/7 bring additional liquidity to the market, especially with traditionally illiquid assets, such as scarce paintings,real-estate, property and collectibles.

So where to from here?

Currently, regulation is catching up, so it’s a little bit of a waiting game for STO’s, but we aren’t just waiting in the wings. We have held, and will continue to hold, meetings with hedge funds and other associated companies. We will continue to work with our new legal team to get all of the required approvals, and we will continue to push for non-STO companies to finalize their listings.

Big things are coming for LindaX. Big things take time, and we aren’t taking your support for granted. Hang in there. It will be worth the wait….

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