Think Tank Thursday Meeting Recap

October 15, 2020

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We had a great meeting in our first Think Tank Thursday (TTT). Trent, Jude and Guillermo discussed the project, community needs and strategy. Here is what was discussed.

Community-Driven Initiative

The project is community-driven, as in, we are implementing a self-sustaining model that permits members from the community of Metrix to build-up each department. This echoes our efforts in offering to the globe a project that is for everyone and for everything.

Roles in Business Development; Publishing Office; Social Media; Ambassadors; Support (Customer and Technical); Marketing, Bounty Program, Development (GMG), Legal department, Metrix Academy etc

Goal: Setup TTT model within each department

Metrix Treasury

Trent brings up the need for a treasury department that may appropriate funds for project developments and bounties.

Income Streams and DEFI

The current income streams are MyStakingWallet and MyNodePool. MyStakingWallet will be less profitable going into the new chain. Trent is also looking into a merchandise store and GrudgeMatchGaming. He is currently strategizing to bring in monthly revenue of 3,000 USD. Guillermo suggested encouraging a developer to create a DeFi token within the Metrix Coin blockchain. The new blockchain is capable and scalable enough to endure such setup.

Metrix Coin Awareness through Social Media Platforms

Trent discusses how important it is to continue AMA sessions to make our project known across the globe. There are several more AMA sessions coming up for the month of October. Other platforms that are helping increase our audience are Twitter and Medium. Jude worked on creating a subreddit community for Metrix Coin. Trent and @Whiteshark are also jotting down a marketing strategy to bring more spotlight to Metrix Coin.


It is expected that with more exchanges the more opportunity for liquidity. Liquidity and volume of transactions are directly proportional. Trent hopes that the trading competition and airdrop campaigns will allow the Metrix Coin to be appreciated more. We are currently listed in Altilly, Crex24, Bartertrade, Digifinex and soon to be listed on P2PB2B. We have one more exchange coming soon.


Trent and @Whiteshark are currently working closely together to solidify business partnerships. Trent shares that use-cases will help bring more utility to the coin, and therefore more demand. In combination with our deflationary stake model, this all translates to value appreciation for Metrix Coin. Trent is working with Afro Foundation and Elyatel as well with BA Consult to start incorporating Metrix Coin as a form of payment. Once we have mapped out a successful model tailored to one business partner we will repeat for the next partner. There are other partnerships eager to accept Metrix Coin as a means of payment. We will not be disclosing due to Non-Disclosure Agreements, but the short-term future of Metrix Coin looks promising.

We are looking for Business Development Managers

We are in need of BDMs willing to secure partnerships with our blockchain. Incentive opportunities will be available once the treasury department is finalized.


  1. Treasury > Budget > Bounty Programs > Community Leadership Appointments > Communities Campaigns
  2. Pitch Deck and Partnership Kit > Partner’s web page > BDMs

We will continue to conduct Think Tank Thursday meetings every month to appreciate our progress, discuss the challenges faced, share ideas and implement strategy for the immediate future. The idea here is to cycle this model across all departments and promote efficiency and growth. After all, we are a community-driven project where Metrix Coin is for everyone and for everything.

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A community-driven blockchain project that aims to enhance business models and improve business-to-comsumer relationships through our products and services.

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