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4 min readApr 20, 2021

By Team member JoeFromSJersey

In the last article on wallet basics, we discussed the core functions of your wallet and clarified a key concept for crypto wallets. If you didn’t get a chance to read through that yet, go check out Basic Wallet Overview | Medium.

In this post, we wanted to cover some of the basic functions of your Metrix wallet. For the examples we’ll be using our desktop wallet Altitude. Even though the instructions will be specific to that version of our wallet, the general concepts and operations will apply to just about any crypto wallet. Of course, if you ever need any help with a Metrix product such as Altitude or MyStakingWallet you can engage our support team in our Metrix Discord. You can find that and many other useful links on our website listed at the bottom of this article. Lastly, before we get started you can find more information on wallet operations including some of the basics that we WILL NOT be covering today, such as install or basic encryption, on our Metrix Wiki under the documentation section.

Today, we’ll be covering the following basic operations:

· Backing up your wallet

· Creating a new receive address

· Sending Metrix

Backing up your wallet

Backing up your wallet is probably the most important thing you can do once you have installed Altitude and encrypted the wallet. If you ever have a system failure you can restore the backup of your wallet to another installation of Altitude to regain access to your coins on the blockchain. You should plan on taking AT LEAST one backup of your wallet and storing it somewhere that is NOT on the same machine where you have the wallet installed. Additionally, you should consider storing a backup that is not physically located in the same place as that machine as well. You can have many backups of your wallet so don’t be shy about having a few…just make sure they’re secure too.

To back up your wallet open Altitude and navigate to File -> Backup Wallet

Click the backup and select a location and name for your backup in the system dialog box that opens. That’s it! Congratulations, you’ve just made a backup of your wallet. You can copy that same backup or make more through Altitude for additional copies.

Creating a new receive address

Receive addresses are how you can get all that wonderful Metrix into your wallet. Whether you’re sending it to yourself from an exchange or getting it sent to you as a payment you’ll need to create an address to get it. Like backups, you can have many addresses. If you have multiple places you get Metrix from and wish to keep those separate you can create a new address. Just repeat the process we describe below and name the addresses whatever you like.

To create a new address, click on “Add Account”:

Give your new address any name you want and click “Create Account”:

You’ll now see your new address on the dashboard. You can click on it to expand details and copy the address to your clipboard:

Sending Metrix

Alright, last up on the agenda for this article is sending Metrix. You might need to send coins to an exchange to sell them (Why would you ever do that? 😉) or send some coins to make a payment. Doing that is simple.

Select “Send” on the dashboard:

Enter the address you want to make a payment to, add a label if you wish and enter the amount of Metrix you want to send. Enter the password for your wallet when prompted and your coins will be on their way and should arrive at their destination in seconds.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Metrix or would like to connect to our project please visit us at Metrix Coin — A Powerful, Secure PoS Crypto-Currency.



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