What’s the best USE CASE?

All you hear these days in crypto is use case, use case, use case…. But what is a use case? Is a USE different from a USE CASE?

I did a little mind digging to think about different coins and their use cases. Lots of coins have come up with partnerships to create a use. A use is cool. It’s like a coin being accepted by a merchant. It bumps the price and does increase usage in some ways, but what I realized is that most of these coins that have released supposed use cases only have actually just released uses.

In my opinion, to be a use case, the use needs to make sense beyond just using your credit card or fiat. Why swap fiat to a token to purchase something, only to have the merchant swap back to fiat to pay the rent? These uses don’t really add much value beyond fiat, except to promote both the company and the crypto. So the question is, how do we make using Metrix more beneficial than just pulling out a credit card? First let’s look at some of the reasons Metrix can be much better than fiat.

  1. It’s a universal currency, with no need for differing exchange rates. If you bet 5,000 Metrix, it has the same value in every country.
  2. It can be sent in a matter of seconds to users, creating fast rewards for services.
  3. Fees are close to 0, so the user gets what the user earns.
  4. It can be held and staked by recipients, meaning they can increase the value of their win just by holding.
  5. The strength of the platform benefits all holders. The more users playing, the greater value the coin holds. So there is a great benefit to spreading the word for all users.
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So with GrudgeMatchGaming.com, here is what Metrix has built in:

1. A reason that Metrix makes sense over credit card or fiat

2. High volume of transactions that can top 50BTC a day

3. An introduction to Metrix for a large user base

4. The combination of a new market (player v player) mixed with a rapidly growing market of over 9B USD annually (esports betting which is predicted to top 12.9B by 2020)

When Metrix announces something, our track record is that it’s already built. This means that we can beat out the competition and be first to market. The high cost of entry into a regulated gambling market will also assist in keeping competition reduced.

12.9B annually? Let that sink in for a minute….

References — http://www.flushpokeronline.com/esports-betting-market-set-to-explode-to-a-complete-worth-of-12-9b-by-2020/


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