Why GrudgeMatchGaming.com will allow us to launchpad over the competition.

We would love to give you some background about what we will achieve with GrudgeMatchGaming.com (GMG) and why we consider it to be not only the best use case in crypto, but a stand-alone site that is the first of its kind globally. Here are our top 10 reasons you should be excited by this development:

  1. GMG is based in the booming Esports industry.

Esports is undeniably, excitingly HUGE. In fact, the Esports industry will top $1 billion dollars this year (1), and this doesn’t even include Esports gambling, which is estimated to top $23 billion by 2020 (2). When you look at Esports compared to the massive film and music industries, it makes them look like little drooling babies.

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To understand the worldwide appetite for Esports, look no further than the recent Fortnite World Cup in New York. Not only was there over $30 million in prize money, but the stadium was packed with a crowd that would rival any main stream sport.

The most exciting element of Esports is that it is still in its relative infancy and will continue to enjoy impressive growth for the foreseeable future.

2. GMG has multifaceted revenue streams.

While GMG commenced as a player-to-player platform, it has developed into several exciting sections that will engage players of all interests.

a) Sidebetting on GMG or external Esports games results.

b) Head-to-head play, where you call out any specific player and challenge them to a match for any proposed amount of Metrix.

c) Leaderboard play, is the most exciting game style. Highest ranking player gets the game fee, winner climbs the leaderboard. Your position on the leaderboard decides your fee per game.

d) Tournaments. From friendly to professional, tournaments will allow for structured play with sponsored and player funded prizes.

3. GMG is adaptable to all popular games.

GMG’s goal is to open our platform up to as many players as possible. This means listing all popular games on all platforms. In addition, we will be adding many of the old school games you know and love, which still have a cult following. It shouldn’t just be the young whipper snappers that can enjoy gaming!

4. Metrix solves gamers’ issues with current platforms.

The gamers spoke and we listened. We asked gamers what their main issues and bugbears were with current platforms, and we set out to uncover every feature that gamers wanted in a platform.

Some of the issues we have solved:

a) No minimum deposits

b) No minimum withdrawals

c) Easy purchase of Metrix to use onsite

d) Large number of game options and win methods

e) No longer having to wait for tournaments to come around to be able to play

f) The ability to turn wins into a regular income

5. Crypto and Gaming shares much of the same user base.

One of the important factors in GMG’s growth is that gamers (generally) are very open to crypto adoption. They are interested in the benefits of using crypto and learning more about those benefits. So not only is this a platform they can use and love, but we hope to show the benefits of staking on the Metrix chain to turbo charge their holdings and winnings.

6. GMG allows for large scale events.

A lot of the work we have been doing centers around being able to scale into live Esports events, and some exciting new partnerships to this effect will be announced in time. Very quickly we learnt that large companies offering high level sponsorship and sizable prize pools require live events. We have been working with both sponsors and venue providers to tap into this lucrative market.

7. GMG creates constant volume for Metrix.

Financially, there are four ways to get involved with GMG. The first is our unparalleled referral program (see point 8 below for more information). Beyond that, you can send in Metrix, send in Bitcoin, or send in fiat. No matter which of the later two send options you choose, an instantaneous buy order of Metrix is placed on an exchange. This means most deposits to GMG are matched with a live buy order. GMG, with even a small amount of interactions, completely changes the volume of Metrix. But beyond this is a much bigger picture… GMG will be the vehicle that introduces Metrix to users.

8. World class referral program

Baked into the heart of our GMG website is the referral program. This program has taken its success model from early Binance days. The key to the referral program’s success will come from the ability of any person to make a comfortable, ongoing living from referral bonuses. This is an opportunity for non-gamers to create a GMG account and collect a percentage of all challenges and wagers made for all people they refer. This referral bonus also extends to content creators and Esports influencers who have the ability to leverage their engaged supporter base for this program.

9. Recruitment Hub

Esports recruitment is in its infancy, and GMG is placed to capture this emerging market. Esports recruitment has many facets, from recruiting for professional teams and testing new products, to live appearances / demonstrations and promotional activities for products.

GMG will become the hub that allows recruiters to sort statistics by game and platform, and to go on to contact users of interest. Players are able to flag availability as a free agent and build profiles that showcase their talents to the market. Recruiters have already shown a massive interest in being able to access this database and filter by statistics that interest their clients.

Beyond the above, our platform will open up income opportunities for gamers, referees and commentators.

All in all, we want as many members of our community as possible making a living from gaming and Esports.

10. Future roadmap items

This journey doesn’t stop here. One example of a future roadmap item is a kids lite version of the site. The kids lite version will have a parental subscription model and educational content which allows Esports streamers and content creators to monetize their educational content by game / platform and key skill taught.


GMG is in the right place at the right time to capture the booming Esports industry by tapping into the pain points of other platforms. Not only were we able to solve these issues, but we’ve come up with innovative world firsts to make a holistic platform that will appeal to the target market.

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