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Look at all that worthless FIAT

How do cryptocurrency wallets work?

We’ve recently seen a number of people asking how their Metrix wallet works. Some of those asking also seem to have a fundamental misunderstanding of how their Metrix wallet, and crypto wallets in general function. So, we here at Metrix Coin decided to write a quick article to explain the general concepts and how your wallet works to help clear things up.

First things first, if you’re not familiar with the concept of a cryptocurrency wallet then you should go check out this excellent post on the Binance Academy here: Crypto…

At Metrix HQ we spend a lot of time working with other coins and tokens, and we also spend a lot of time researching the market- here is a few reasons why we are going to outpace other crypto development in 2021.

We already have some crypto leading wallets-

Altitude must be one of the best functioning single coin wallets on the market. Gone are the days of the old QT wallet. With repair and bootstrap commands built in, the last three years we have done away with users manually adding bootstrap files and wallet updates. …


Telecommunications has advanced in this modern age to permit people to call or text others across the globe. We are able to communicate long distances in a matter of seconds which opens our ability to be more social. We have perfected our communication line from sending letters through horses, sending morse code via telegraph machines, dialing using landline telephones, and now through the internet, radio and satellite. Different devices that facilitated the communication also ensued in each telecommunication step. Cell phones equipped with applications only made our daily living easier. …

Metrix Coin announced a strategic partnership with A.T.S. that will accentuate our blockchain as a solution, and cryptocurrency as a form of payment with our partner’s clients in multiple industries.

“It’s not just one industry that we are going to discuss today. It’s about multiple industries at the same time being able to use MRX as a form of payment, as well as these companies being able to build on the blockchain to enhance their business.” – Trent Richards (CEO of Metrix Coin)

A.T.S. stands for Assistance Technical Service and offers a multiple array of Information Communication Technology, or ICT…

Walter Groff, Italian passionate trader has partnered with Metrix Coin to start accepting $MRX payments for trading services. Walter has valuable years of trading experience of the chart movements with the related tools, patterns, supports, resistances, oscillators, indicators, Fibonacci, and every tool necessary to be able to approach in the most professional and profitable way possible in the world of crypto trading. His trading exposure with Bitcoin since 2013 soon led him to pursue the high gains from cryptocurrencies.

I initially bought Bitcoins as an investment then soon after I discovered it was better to accumulate and earn BTC with…

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Speaker: Jude Newcomb (Social Media Manager)

Date : Wednesday, January 20th, 2021





Hello everyone, we come back for AMA ID Crypto with Metrixcoin

Today we have an honored guest, Jacob newcomb (Social Media Manager) , who will explain and answer your question guys

jude newcomb:

Good morning/afternoon/evening


Thanks you… Good morning/afternoon/evening too

We have 3 sessions for the AMA.

The first session was introductory, the second session was forward best questions from twitter and the third session was…

In case you missed this AMA with one of our very own dedicated business developers, Guillermo, visit

As it was mentioned in this AMA, we aim to provide an exceptional service to our community and to our partners. We understand that blockchain is a new technology that comes with plenty of unknowns. We are here every step of the way to assist in the needs of our community and partners. We welcome everyone to join this journey with our project, for everyone and for everything.

The factoid sheet will serve to provide facts about the Metrix Coin blockchain and help to quickly answer any questions or concerns about the new chain.


  • Metrix Coin completed the swap from the old chain to the new chain on December 1, 2020, at a 1:1 ratio voted by the community of Metroids.

New Chain

  • The new chain is a hard-fork from Qtum blockchain, it supports Proof-Of-Staking (PoS), unspent-transaction-output (UTXO), ethereum virtual machine (EVM), decentralized applications, smart-contract technology, and a decentralized governance protocol (DGP). …

In today’s modern world more push has been made to implement decentralized concepts. More specifically in the financial sector, Bitcoin revolutionized our ability to validate a transaction (within minutes) in a trustless environment, logging transactions in a distributed ledger, between peer-to-peer with no need of intermediary support (e.g. banks) using its blockchain technology. Bitcoin laid down the fundamentals that soon other programmers and developers would attribute to their versions of the blockchain. Vitalik Buterin, a programmer, stepped in to implement tokenization of assets and smart-contract functionalities embedded in the blockchain Ethereum, thus offering endless possibilities of creating crypto-assets (e.g. tokens)…

Scalable, Flexible and Applicable to Multiple Use-Cases Metrix Coin and its ticker MRX is not just another PoS cryptocurrency, but rather a blockchain technology that offers benefits to consumers and businesses, scalable to encompass growth and flexibility to implement in multiple use-cases.

About PoS cryptocurrencies

A little background about PoS crypto algorithms first. In this kind of algorithm, anyone with a certain amount of coins participates in the transaction validation and block creation process that renders a stake reward (a process known as staking). It is simple, one must create a wallet, hold coins until maturity is reached, and have it connected online…

Metrix Coin

A community-driven blockchain project that aims to enhance business models and improve business-to-comsumer relationships through our products and services.

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