AMA Recap: Bang Pateng Hosts Guillermo from Metrix Coin

October 31, 2020

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We at Metrix Coin would like to thank Bang Pateng and the entire community for hosting Guillermo in this sensational AMA. Guillermo discusses valuable insight that revolves the true nature of Metrix Coin and its blockchain. He shares with the community in many ways holders, consumers and business clientele benefit.

Before we start our first segment kindly introduce yourself to the community?

My name is Guillermo, I have been involved with Metrix Coin since 2018. I have been a charismatic and optimistic member in the community. I eventually was given an opportunity to lead a former ambassador team from different areas of the globe to push our brand awareness into other communities. My commitment did not stop here. I continued to complete other tasks assisting other areas within our project. I am currently the Program Manager spearheading many programs for our Think Tank Thursday, and very glad to be part of the Ambassador Program once again. I also dedicate time in assisting other departments in Business Development with Trent Richards, our CEO, and Public Relations. …

October 15, 2020

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We had a great meeting in our first Think Tank Thursday (TTT). Trent, Jude and Guillermo discussed the project, community needs and strategy. Here is what was discussed.

Community-Driven Initiative

The project is community-driven, as in, we are implementing a self-sustaining model that permits members from the community of Metrix to build-up each department. This echoes our efforts in offering to the globe a project that is for everyone and for everything.

Roles in Business Development; Publishing Office; Social Media; Ambassadors; Support (Customer and Technical); Marketing, Bounty Program, Development (GMG), Legal department, Metrix Academy etc

Goal: Setup TTT model within each…

Utility Cases and Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Utilization through Business Partnerships

Metrix Coin has made incredible achievements with business partnerships and cryptocurrency exchanges. As Trent Richards, CEO of Metrix Coin, has shared in recent AMA sessions, Metrix Coin is increasing coin utilization through business partnerships with BA Consult and AFRO Foundation with Elyatel. BA Consult offers IT Financial services implementing Cashinow machines at point-of-sale (POS) in casinos, grocery stores and public transportation facilities. Cashinow will have APIs linked to exchanges to be able to buy at market value at POS. Elyatel is a telecommunications service company in the continent of Africa where many top-up or recharge their mobile devices to send text messages or make phone calls. These 2 strategic partnerships will be among the first companies to form part of our Metrix Business Partners Network using Metrix Coin. …

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Thanks for having me on this AMA. It’s fantastic to reach out to the Generals audience and share some information about our AMAZING COIN and TEAM.. Metrix!

My background for the past couple of decades has mainly been in financial services. I have owned and operated over 40 companies within this time, taking the chair as CEO in all of them.

I offered to assist the Metrix team with my skill set and then started in a volunteer BDM role. …

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Did you miss out on another AMA hosted by Crypto Universe? Enjoy this article interview with Jude Newcomb. Jude Newcomb delivers clear answers on our project’s motive, path, and tools that underlines how Metrix Coin will further enhance our social living. Literally, “For Everyone and For Everything”.

jude newcomb, [12.10.20 10:59]


Adam Moffy, [12.10.20 11:00]

Welcome jude Nice to have AMA with metrix

jude newcomb, [12.10.20 11:00]

Thank you so much. Good to be here.

Abu Hasan Rubel, [12.10.20 11:00]

Hello all friend

Adam Moffy, [12.10.20 11:01]

Before we get started, jude tell us little bit more about yourselves and share us your experience of working at…

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Trent Richards, CEO of Metrix Coin, was hosted by A & Q for an AMA. In the interview, Trent Richards provided insight and direction that underline the growth of the project. Here is the transcript of that interview.

Trent Richards starts the interview with an introduction to his background.

Thanks for having me on this AMA. It’s fantastic to reach out to a new audience and share some information about our fabulous coin. Metrix!
My background for the past couple of decades has mainly been in financial services. I have owned and operated over 40 companies within this time, taking the chair as CEO in all of them. I retired from the corporate world a little over a year ago and moved to the beautiful Philippines for a lifestyle change. Since living here and having plenty of time on my side, I offered to assist the Metrix team with my skill set and then started in a volunteer BDM role. In a short period of time I stepped up to the CEO role as this is where I am the most comfortable, however, I am still very keen to continue in my BDM role as well. My plan is to stay in this CEO role for as long as I can add value to the team and the project. Whilst in this role my plan is to ensure that we are heading in the right direction and in a timely manner. …

For everyone. For everything.
For everyone. For everything.

Trent Richards (CEO) covers:

  • Bonus Buys
  • Upcoming Trading Competitions
  • Chain Swap — Everything you need to know
  • Barter Trade exchange — Update

-Bonus Buys-

Trent Richards put together with 10M MRX of his own personal bag a program inviting Metroids to buy MRX from exchanges within 48 hours, and claim MRX as a bonus. In less than 10 hours, a total of 67,807,258 MRX Coins were purchased and 10,164,587 MRX were claimed! The daily volume on Altilly reached an excess of 3.34 BTC which has not been seen in over 2 years.

Trent Richards and everyone at Metrix want to personally thank our Metroid Community for the ongoing support. …

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Metrix is moving forward stronger than ever. In this update Trent Richards brings serenity, determination and direction. He shares with us his new role as acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO), and his background involvement as a business entrepreneur.

Click here to watch our most recent update with Trent Richards.

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"Over the past two and a half decades I have owned and operated over 40 companies, and I have sat in the role of CEO in all of these companies. As the CEO of my largest group of companies, I employed over 600 full-time staff plus my contractors, and we operated in over three separate continents. This Financial Services group of companies had sales revenues in excess of $850M per annum for more than a decade."
Trent Richards continues by saying, "Now, I am not sharing this information to impress anyone. I gave up trying to impress people many years ago! I am only sharing this information to give you the confidence - that I have the ability to run this team."
The community may already appreciate a steady satoshi price of 3 sats for Metrix, and the consistent buy pressure since Trent Richards came onboard as Director of Business Development, his former position. …

Metrix has proven to always remain inquisitive in providing an accessible and user-friendly process with their tools in order to connect to more users. A tool worth mentioning that offers such a process to the community is MyStakingWallet (MSW).


A quick background first before we continue. Proof-Of-Stake (PoS) algorithm was first discussed by Sunny King and Scott Nadal as a solution to the ever-increasing daily network costs to maintain bitcoin’s blockchain and minimize the hash rate complexity. Additionally, PoS permits an energy-efficient solution to keep costs of network maintenance down.

In a nutshell, a staking node is a wallet with a certain amount of coins that is weighted against the coins within the network. The more the holder that stakes have on the network, the more their weight and the higher chances of creating the next block. Thus, reaping the reward delivered from the block. Masternodes are no different. A holder keeps a certain amount of coins as collateral, and it maintains network integrity within the chain by keeping a copy of the ledger in real-time. …

A quick overview of what has been causing much excitement lately within the Metroid community.

Metrix has been working on developing a new chain which is a hard-fork from Quantum (qtum) that will have the best of both worlds from Bitcoin's Unspent Transaction Output (UTXO) and Ethereum's Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Trent Richards in a tweet shared that the team wants to aim for October 1st, or the week prior to the chain swap.

Days earlier to the post, Trent Richards formally accepted the role of Chief Executive Officer of Metrix. He brings more than 20 years of experience in business and is eager and passionate to elevate Metrix into the spotlight. …


Metrix Coin

A community-driven blockchain project that aims to enhance business models and improve business-to-comsumer relationships through our products and services.

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